Kenya 340g - Smith Café
Kenya - Smith Café


Single format: 100ml

Origins: Kenya (Kiambu)

Roast Profile: brown roast

Suggested Brew Type: filter, cold brew, latte/cappuccino

Coffee family: arabica

Variety: SL-28 SL-34 (grade AA)

Process: washed

Grains of flavors: blackcurrant, lemonade, brown sugar

Taste profile: in filter, a sweet fruity acidity brings a nice freshness in cold infusion and leaves a little sweetness in the mouth without too much bitterness. This beautiful complexity is also found in hot infusion.

In espresso, this coffee is for the adventurous because the acidity and the fruity side take over. In a latte or cappuccino, the acidity subsides to give way to the sweetness of blackcurrant.

Note that this coffee is a limited edition, since it is of the “micro-batch” type. Discover it now!

*** Be advised that grinding coffee accelerates the loss of freshness ***
Please store your coffee in an airtight, dry and dark place.

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