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Origins: Guatemala (Antigua), Honduras (Santa Barbara)

Roast Profile: medium dark roast, medium taste

Suggested type of infusion: filter and espresso

Coffee family: arabica

Variety: Bourbon (Typica), Lempira

Process: washed

Grains of flavors: toasted, fruity, sweet, rich

Taste profile:

  • in filter, this coffee offers a balanced bitterness as well as a moderate acidity. Tends to notes of fruit like black cherries or dates. Coffee with a sweet taste that pulls slightly towards sugar cane.
  • in espresso, fruit more present, like the cherry. Slightly more present acidity due to the espresso infusion. Bitterness present but not disturbing. Pairs particularly well with vegetable milks. Medium intensity. Medium-bodied.

Please store your coffee in an airtight, dry and dark place.

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