How to reuse your coffee grounds in a creative way?

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Coffee grounds are the coffee residue that remains in your filter or espresso sleeve after your coffee is brewed. More and more people are using it creatively at home, in the garden or for cosmetic care.

It's a great way to breathe new life into something that would normally be thrown away!

How to use coffee grounds at home?

Eh yes! Coffee grounds act much like baking soda in your fridge. Simply place a small bowl of coffee grounds at the bottom of the fridge and change it about every two weeks for maximum efficiency. Coffee is a bit like a sponge, it will absorb bad odors.


Simply add a small amount of coffee grounds with your dish soap to easily clean a dirty pan with a sponge. It is an excellent alternative to corrosive products available on the market. The coffee grounds will act like an exfoliator to loosen the residue. Plus, the mixture of coffee grounds, grease-cutting soap, and hot water is good for your drains, as it will dislodge potentially stuck-in dirt from your kitchen pipes.


In small doses, coffee grounds will enrich your compost with nitrogen in addition to attracting beneficial worms to the compost. The smell of coffee grounds can also help you repel undesirables, such as ants that make nests on your property or patio. If you have slugs, this is also a good natural solution to keep them away from your plants. Coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer for certain plants, such as roses, strawberries or tomato plants, for example.

Did you know that, for 2 years, we have had a garden on the roof of the building in Limoilou? We are therefore able to reuse a small part of the coffee grounds that we produce in the summer. As the projects never stop at Smith, maybe you will have the chance to visit our green roof soon? ;)

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If you like the smell of coffee, you will love this last suggestion! All you need is virgin, organic coconut oil to make a homemade scrub. The oil will nourish your skin and the coffee will stimulate blood circulation in addition to dislodging dead skin. Results? Soft, cleansed skin! In a bowl, mix the coconut oil and the coffee grounds to obtain a homogeneous texture. To make this treatment, it is best to use coffee that has been ground relatively finely, especially to exfoliate your face, as it is a more delicate area. If your grain is too coarse you risk damaging your skin. The only fault with this homemade treatment is that you have to clean the shower a little afterwards;)


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