Optimal coffee preservation, false beliefs demystified

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Grandpa keeps it in a drawer in the fridge, your friend says it's better to put it in the freezer so it stays fresh longer. But who is telling the truth?
Here's what you need to know if you want to keep your coffee, whether ground or not, as long as possible!

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What does it change in taste if my coffee loses freshness?

All! Coffee loses its flavor little by little when it is poorly stored, or stored too long. The reason why we should never put coffee in the refrigerator is that it tends to absorb odors from other foods, much like the famous box of baking soda left at the bottom of a shelf for absorb bad odors. Coffee is porous, so it's definitely to be avoided. The second popular misconception for keeping your coffee stocks well: the freezer. What exactly happens with these two bad conservative methods? Like the fridge, the freezer can create humidity, because by taking out and storing the coffee every time you want a cup, there is condensation that occurs in the bag or container. The coffee will then oxidize more quickly, because it does not like temperature variations and humidity. In addition, it will lose its aromas, so the little something that you normally appreciate from its taste.

So what to do?

First, store your coffee in a quality airtight container that does not let light through. This container should not be chosen for its aesthetic appearance, but for its tightness and non-translucency. Ideally you can store this container in a cabinet where the air is cool and dry to maximize the freshness of the coffee. It is also possible to keep the coffee in its original sales bag, especially if the latter is thick and opaque (like those from Smith!). Simply put it in a cupboard and close it tightly, or be extra careful by putting the bag in an airtight container.

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Be aware that coffee beans are preserved a little longer than ground coffee.

It will be good for a few months, 2 or 3, if the bag has not been opened and is still well sealed. If the bag of beans is open, it will be fresh for about a month. Are you a big coffee drinker or do you have several coffee lovers at home? The ideal would be to equip yourself with a grinder to grind your coffee every day, according to your needs. For pre-ground coffee, in order to really appreciate its taste to the fullest, you should consume it within a week, two maximum.

The key to avoiding over-stocking and thus losing freshness is to analyze your real consumption needs. If you really want to enjoy your taste experience, the ideal is to buy in smaller quantities and visit your favorite baristas a little more often!

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