Cold Brew Coffee Recipe Ideas

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Our new blend specially designed for cold infusion*, Des Jardins, made us want to inspire you with original recipe ideas! In addition to giving you an energy boost, these drinks, with or without alcohol, will refresh you on hot summer days.

*cold brew

Cold brew coffee + grapefruit juice + sparkling water + maple syrup

Definitely a fresh blend! After filling your glass with ice cubes, add a tablespoon of maple syrup, half the glass of grapefruit juice, a little less than the other half of the glass of cold brew and top the glass with a little sparkling water.

Cold brew coffee + 7up or sprite

Definitely a pool refresher. A little sweet, well caffeinated, sparkling and with a light lemon taste. I like to do the 50/50 ratio, but if you want a less full bodied taste, you can do a ¾ ratio of soft drink and ¼ cold brew.

Cold brew coffee + tonic + lime

A classic that I really like! The tonic gives an interesting little twist, the lime brings freshness. Fill your glass with ice cubes, make a 50/50 ratio with the tonic at the bottom, the cold brew on top. I like to run my lime wedge around the rim of the glass before squeezing it and putting it straight into the glass. If you want a slightly lighter coffee taste, put ¾ of your glass in tonic and ¼ in cold brew.

Cold brew coffee + vanilla ice cream

An energizing and refreshing dessert! Personally I do it with hard ice cream, but if you can do it with soft cream it's even better. Just put a scoop or two of ice cream on your cold brew and slowly let the cream mix with the coffee, taking a scoop to enjoy!

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe - Smith Café
Cold brew coffee + Baileys (or other creamy flavored alcohol)

Add 1 oz of Baileys (or other) to your cold brew latte, it's a bit more festive! Cold infusion can be very interesting in certain cocktails. I particularly appreciate it with creamier alcohols. Just fill your glass with ice cubes, put a milk base (plant-based or not).
My favorites to integrate into cold brew: Baileys which now offers several options other than the Original, such as Baileys Almande or Baileys Salted Caramel. The classic or creamy Sortilège and Coureur des Bois also go very well with cold brew with their maple taste. I also found the vanilla or chocolate milk Cremaglace interesting, as well as the Saint-Crème from the Mariana distillery. Note that these products are available at SAQ.

Good summer!
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