Nomade 340g - Smith Café
Nomade - Smith Café
Nomade 1kg et 2,5kg - Smith Café

1653 espresso blend

Origins: El Salvador (Santa Ana), Costa Rica (Tarrazu)

Roast Profile: dark roast

Suggested Brew Type: all espresso machines, Italian coffee maker, Aeropress

Coffee family: arabica & robusta

Variety: blend of different varieties

Process: washed

On the palate: full, pierces milk well (latte, cappuccino, etc.)

Grains of flavors: roasted hazelnuts, cocoa, woody, sweet and rich

Taste profile: in espresso, its bitterness and acidity are balanced. It has sweet notes of chocolate and roasted cocoa which offers a sweet taste in the mouth.

The cup of coffee is much more complex and noble than one might imagine. Our traditional 1653 blend is intended to be a tribute to all the actors who participate directly or indirectly in the great production chain of our recipe.

Since at La Maison Smith, we like to get to the bottom of things, our master roaster has given herself the challenge of traveling through coffee farms to find you the best coffee beans in Central America.

Composed mainly of El Salvador, Costa Rica and our secret ingredient, the 1653 blend offers you a refined taste that will please all true amateurs. Indulge in our traditional semi-dark blend one sip at a time.

*** Be advised that grinding coffee accelerates the loss of freshness ***
Please store your coffee in an airtight, dry and dark place.

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