Sac Ethiopie - 340g
Sac Ethiopie - 1kg et 2.5kg

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Origin : Ethiopia ( Yirgacheffe)

Roast Profile: medium dark roast

Suggested Brew Type: filter

Coffee family: arabica

Variety: blend of different varieties

Process: washed

Grains of flavors: caramelized fruits, lively and rich

Taste profile: in the filter, the fruit and citrus flavors are pronounced. Its acidity is intense and tenacious. This coffee also stands out with its notes of lemon and bergamot.

In addition to generating a multitude of jobs, the cooperative behind this Ethiopian coffee integrates human values ​​while imposing a code of ethics that aims to promote fairness among farmers. This cooperative is determined to offer superior coffee by focusing on quality control.

Recognized worldwide, this medium-bodied Grade 1 Sidamo coffee offers a fruity taste that tends towards citrus and spice notes.

*** Be advised that grinding coffee accelerates the loss of freshness ***
Please store your coffee in an airtight, dry and dark place.

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